Welcoming Zeh Fernandes, our new Product Designer

We're thrilled to share the news that Zeh Fernandes is joining Resend.

Zeno RochaZeno Rocha
Welcoming Zeh Fernandes, our new Product Designer

Today, we're excited to announce Zeh Fernandes will be joining our founding team at Resend as Product Designer!

Zeh has specialized in user experience for over a decade working with clients such as Youtube, Goldman Sachs, Equinox, Marriot, and Santander during his time at Work & Co. For the past two years, he has been a Design Director at CodeSandbox.

His passion for side projects led him to build some fascinating computational experiments and fully featured products like Tiblo, Pliim, and Wordnote.

Here's more about him in his own words.

More about Zeh

How did you get into design?

I lived part of my childhood in the analog world when the magic of computers swept into my life. I was drawn into this magic, spending most of my time exploring, learning, and hacking my way around in this new box. I found joy in creating things and seeing them come to life. As I grew older, this passion for creation led me to study design. It was the perfect blend of creativity, technology, and innovation, enabling me to invent toward my beliefs.

Why are you at Resend?

I joined Resend because I was captivated by the team's innovative spirit. We're in a new era of Developer Tools, one where human needs are just as important as the technology supporting them. This presents an opportunity to create meaningful and impactful designs that assist humans in solving their problems at the speed of thought.

Where do you find #inspiration?

I believe that great design is the result of diverse influences and multidisciplinary thinking. I am particularly fascinated by the history of computing. The evolution of technology, from the earliest mechanical calculators to today's sophisticated digital systems, is a testament to human ingenuity and innovation. This history inspires me to think creatively about how technology can continue to evolve and better serve our needs.

If you weren't designing, what would you be doing?

If I weren't designing, I would probably be a digital archeologist. I love exploring a topic and understanding the social implication of it. I would love to author books similar to 10print, showcasing the remarkable work of others.

What does your desktop screen look like?

Zeh's desktop
Zeh's desktop

Favorite tool?

I have a deep appreciation for spreadsheets; they are one of the best end-user software ever created. They empower users to modify the software according to their needs and utilize the human spatial cognition in an effective way.

Favorite hotkey?

Command + D: This is the command to duplicate in design tools. For me, it signifies that you can explore a different line of thought without losing what you've already created.

Favorite place to visit?

I love to go to contemporary museums. See what the emerging artists say about the world we are living in.

Advice for ambitious designers?

Design is about creating solutions for people, so always remember to empathize with the user and learn with them.