Welcoming Haison Ohara, our new Developer Success Engineer

We're thrilled to share the news that Haison Ohara is joining Resend.

Jonni LundyJonni Lundy
Welcoming Haison Ohara, our new Developer Success Engineer

We believe that the support experience is an extension of the product. With over 20K developers using Resend, it has become challenging to provide an exceptional level of quick and helpful assistance that is so essential.

That's why we're thrilled to announce that Haison Ohara is joining Resend as a Developer Success Engineer. Haison will be investing his time helping senders like you get the most out of Resend.

More about Haison

How did you get into coding?

Since I was a child, I have always been passionate about technology. I remember always liking cartoon characters that used some kind of technology, like Batman, Spiderman, and Dexter. After some time, I started to play video games and was very curious about how everything worked. At age 16, I started learning programming logic, and I loved this world so much, so I began to study Java (my first programming love) and then Javascript and Node.

Why are you at Resend?

When I saw Resend, I was amazed by the quality and potential of the product. It's incredible for me to be part of a team trying to innovate how we deal with emails in software development. I've always wanted to work with products that could somehow change the current technology ecosystem. I see Resend as this opportunity, a chance to really build something that can make a difference in the technology market.

Where do you find #inspiration?

I like to be inspired by looking at how other areas outside of technology deal with certain problems; it's amazing how we can gain insights by looking at how other people deal with certain challenges. This leads us to think of simple solutions that bring real value to other people. When the inspiration needs to be a little more artistic, I like to look at some games, especially indie games, that take an artistic look at the world we live in.

If you weren't helping developers, what would you be doing?

Maybe I would be trying to be a professional swimmer, as I tried to achieve that goal in my teens, but it's more likely that I would be working in economics, as for a while, I believed that would be my professional field before I fell in love with programming.

What does your desktop screen look like?

Haison's desktop
Haison's desktop

Favorite tool?

VS Code. I like how we can configure everything and how it can be very different depending on the user. It's incredible because you can see the code how you want, with many plugins that can power the way we solve some tasks.

Favorite hotkey?

Command + F because this hotkey always helps me to find what I want in the midst of a large amount of information, whether in a code or even in a long article.

Favorite place to visit?

Church. As a Christian, I love spending time in church with my friends and family. It's always a great and revigorating experience.

Advice for ambitious developers?

For everything we want to learn, we need consistency, have an agenda, and systematically organize study and personal development times. But remember, we are human beings, and we need to rest too, spend time with our family, take care of our health, and do anything else that brings us joy.